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The Oculus Go is now available in 23 countries

After a long six month wait since its announcement, the Oculus Go is finally available starting from today. The accessible, standalone VR headset hits shelves today in 23 countries, in both 32GB and 64GB storage options.

The Oculus Go is Facebook's first crack at a ‘mainstream' virtual reality headset. It is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, with everything you need built in already. Spec-wise, users will be greeted with a 2560×1440 display, and a Snapdragon SoC that can rival the performance of flagship smartphones. There is built-in spatial audio, an integrated microphone and each Oculus Go headset comes with a motion controller.

The 32GB model costs $199/£199, meanwhile the 64GB version will set you back by $249/£249.

So once you get one, what is there to do? The Oculus Go will have a different library compared to the Rift CV1 on PC. You'll get VR apps for Netflix, Hulu and other media apps, in addition to a range of ‘experiences', like Jurassic World Blue and Space Explorers. In total, Oculus says there are 1000 apps ready for launch, so there should be plenty to find.

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KitGuru Says: I'm a big believer in VR, but I'm still waiting for higher resolutions before getting another headset. Are any of you currently thinking about getting a VR headset? Would something like the Oculus Go interest you at all? 

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