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What was your favourite hardware of 2016? We want your votes

After a couple of weeks of voting, we've had the thoughts and votes of several hundred of you on what you think the best hardware of the year is. However we know there's more of you out there with strong opinions on your hardware and we want to hear from you too. We'll even give one lucky voter an Amazon Echo by way of thanks. 

Don't worry if you don't have a tonne of favourites – there are a lot of hardware categories this year. We're just looking for votes where you think they matter. If you're a graphics buff, tell us which GPU is your favourite. If you like cases, vote for the most aesthetically pleasing – it's up to you. You can vote in one category, or as many as you want.

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Votes will also count toward the European Hardware Community Awards, so as well as choosing your winners for KitGuru, you will also be influencing the results across the continent. That's right, your vote could contribute to which companies slap a fancy logo on their packaging in the new year.


Better yet, at the end of the survey, you can choose to enter a prize draw to win an Amazon Echo. All you have to do is leave your details with us and we'll randomly select a winner when voting closes.

All votes and entries must be received before 13th November, with the winner chosen by the 21st. All decisions made by KitGuru staff are final.

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KitGuru says: Thanks for taking the time out to do this guys. We really appreciate it. 

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  1. what an awesome system this would make, thx!

  2. Zenbolt SSJ4 ??????????

    The RX 480 wins this one.

  3. Blue_eyed_creature

    Agree, R9 480 seems really good price/performance, can’t wait for the R9 490 HBM2.

  4. Zenbolt SSJ4 ??????????

    I doubt there will be an RX 490, if we are talking about HBM2 it might be RX Fury series again.