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MSI Kaby Lake Notebook Refresh Highlights with MSI’s Alex Lin

KitGuru’s testing showed clearly that, if you are building a gaming system right now, Kaby Lake is a superb choice thanks to the CPUs’ well-designed microarchitecture and fast clock speeds. In the past, updates in Intel’s desktop architecture could take a long time to filter through to the mobile space. As MSI’s product expert Alex Lin explained to KitGuru, Kaby Lake based gaming laptops will be available in January. Can MSI deliver on its promises of a lot more gaming bang for your buck?

The numbers on MSI’s back drop claim that a gaming notebook with a ‘7th Generation CPU and the latest nVidia GTX graphics processor’ will deliver up to 25% more performance over the products they are replacing – in a number of gaming titles – is a pretty bold claim.

msi-laptop-images-ge62-alex-lin-interview-open msi-laptop-images-ge62-alex-lin-interview-detailed-spec


At the same time audio, keyboards and cooling have all been overhauled (more about in our next video). That’s enough innovation to spark interest – we will see in the KitGuru Labs if the delivery matches the pitch. For now, here’s Alex to explain in more detail.

Watch via our Vimeo Channel (Below) or over on YouTube at 1080p HERE

KitGuru says: With around 170,000 technology enthusiasts cruising close to a quarter of a million square metres of exhibition space, companies need to display some very impressive new technology. MSI and its competitors pulled out the stops for this show and the products we saw, certainly have promise.

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