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Patriot Viper V560 Mouse Review


The Viper V560 is packaged in Patriot’s signature red and black theme, with the product proudly displayed in the upper centre, it’s title in the top right and Viper’s snake head logo in the bottom right. While some details are shown on the front cover, opening the window reveals most of what the mouse has to offer.

Within the box sits a product leaflet that doesn’t differ much from the information displayed on the product’s box, two stickers sporting the Viper logo and 7 weights to help adjust the Viper V560 to the user’s liking.

Only six of the seven 4.9 gram weights can be used at any given time, increasing the mouse from 193 grams to a total of 222.4 grams overall. The weights are placed into the mouse via a tray that is only accessible through unlocking a switch on the bottom.

A top-down view of the V560 shows its clean design, with the back and forward buttons hidden within a concave on the left side. To the top left of the mouse sits an LED indicator, showing the current DPI setting via white LEDs and profile, which is represented by the RGB dot. Of course, the Viper snake head logo is emblazoned in red in the lower right portion of the mouse.

While one of the two buttons below the scroll wheel is clearly labelled “mode” and acts as a way to shift between profiles on-the-fly, the other acts as an adjust lift button, but can be changed to any number of functions. The DPI button is strangely located as a switch at the base of the left hand side.

The right side of the mouse offers a sizeable pinky rest, interchangeable between two designs. The first is a smooth curve which is attached by default, whereas the second helps split the pinky and ring fingers between two different levels.

The left side of the mouse shows the LED indicator in more detail, alongside the DPI switch and the traditional back and forward buttons, which can be changed to suit almost any function from within the Viper software. The front of the mouse shows off two RGB LEDs that are linked to the profile indicator and a third LED at the back.

All of the relevant product information can be found on the underside, above the Avago ADNS9800 laser sensor. Patriot has continued its trend of ceramic pads to help the mouse glide smoothly along a variety of surfaces. Lastly, the red button acts as a switch to remove the interchangeable pink rest to the right of the mouse, giving access to the weights tray.

Despite its lower cost, Patriot hasn’t skimped on the trimmings, opting for a braided red and black cable and gold plating on the USB connector.

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