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ASUS RoG Orion Pro Gaming Headset Review

The basic design of the Orion Pro is fairly standard.  It consists of a central headset with an adjustable ear-cup on either side.  There is plenty of adjustment in the ear-cups which makes it very simple to find a comfortable setting.

Both the headband and ear-cups feature large pads to ensure a comfortable fit.  These pads are covered in faux leather which feels very soft against the skin.  The ear-pads themselves fit snugly around the ears, pressing gently against the sides of the head.

This over-ear design features some passive noise-cancellation due to the seal made around the ears.  The Orion Pro doesn’t boast the same active noise cancelling technology as the Vulcan Pro, though.

Even after hours of use, the Vulcan Pro doesn’t become uncomfortable.  This is thanks in part to the soft faux leather ear-pads and feather-like design which only weighs in at 268 g.

Like all the other products in Asus’ Republic of Gamers range, the bells and whistles and beautiful design of the Orion Pro are only half of the story.  The performance of the headset is also exemplary.

Our testing of the Orion Pro commenced with a lengthy session of  Call of Duty Black Ops 2 to test its ‘FPS’ gaming performance.  After all, the headset does feature a special mode dedicated to FPS gaming.  This optimises sound positioning so that it’s easier to identify the source of gunshots and footsteps.  In practice, this works quite well and does improve sound directionality slightly.  The difference isn’t big enough to significantly improve response times but is certainly better than virtual surround sound alone.

The virtual surround sound feature improves the movie playback experience somewhat, improving sound directionality.  The headset has a fairly even sound balance which is also well suited to watching movies.  We would have preferred a slightly increased bass level for music playback, however.

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  • Xtreme

    perfect, I love the look of this. just bought one. thanks ! ill let you know if it sucks!

  • Ian

    very very impressive looking headset. quite expensive, but im tempted myself