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SteelSeries Diablo III Gaming Headset Review

The basic design of the Diablo III headset is remarkably similar to that of the Siberia V2 but there are a few alterations here and there.  Firstly, SteelSeries have given the headset a matte-black finish which gives it a higher quality look and feel than the glossy finish of the Siberia V2.  SteelSeries have also integrated a series of Diablo III themed lights into the headset which can be configured in the included software program.

All of the plastics used to make the headset seem to be good quality and the overall fit and finish is flawless.  Thanks to the exclusive use of plastic in the construction of the headset, weight is kept to a minimum.  But, this doesn’t detract at all from the quality feeling of the headset.

Rather than use a plastic shielding for the cable like they did with the Siberia V2, SteelSeries have chosen to use a braided shielding which should prove more durable in the long run.  SteelSeries have included an in-line volume and microphone mute control about half way down the cable so you can easily adjust volume on the fly.

The cable terminates in a gold plated USB connector with a small dongle which houses the integrated soundcard.  Even though a USB connection is required to power the LED lights and to configure the sound balance with the equalizer presets, it does mean that the headset can’t be used with mobile devices such as smartphones and MP3 players.

Once again, SteelSeries have used their trademark retractable microphone which remains invisible when it’s not in use.  The microphone itself sits at the end of a flexible boom which is stowed in the left earcup when not in use.  When the microphone is needed, it can be simply pulled out and positioned appropriately for your mouth.

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