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CES 2021: Razer demos its latest concept designs, Project Brooklyn and Project Hazel

Razer clearly wasn't content to announce just the new Razer Blade laptops at CES 2021. The company also demoed two new concept designs: Project Hazel, the “world's smartest and most socially friendly face mask”, and Project Brooklyn, a gaming chair offering a new level of immersion.

As concept designs, Project Hazel and Project Brooklyn don't have a release date. At Razer, concept designs are created so that the community can give valuable feedback which will be used to create the final product, or turn the concepts into completely different products. Taking Project Brooklyn as an example, Razer says it will study user feedback on feasibility, comfort, and performance, before potentially adding a new entry to its gaming chair portfolio.


Project Hazel is the result of Razer's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides converting its manufacturing facilities to produce medical equipment, Razer has developed its own surgical face mask. Featuring N95 medical-grade respirator protection, the Project Hazel mask uses rechargeable active ventilators and high bacterial filtration efficiency Smart Pods that control airflow. The transparent design and interior Chroma RGB lights allow others to see your facial expressions more clearly, even in the dark. The Project Hazel masks feature Razer VoiceAmp technology, composed of a built-in microphone and an amplifier to enhance communication.

Project Brooklyn consists of a gaming chair capable of transforming into an advanced gaming system to deliver an extra immersive gaming experience. Made from carbon fiber and featuring Chroma RGB lighting, Project Brooklyn includes a 60-inch rollout OLED display, built-in tactile feedback with HyperSense integration, and 4D armrests that transform into a peripheral table. Inspired by Razer's Iskur chair and the Raptor monitor, Project Brooklyn comes with an adjustable platform featuring a cable management system.

KitGuru says: Would you use a Razer facial mask on a daily basis? What do you think about Project Brooklyn?

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