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Deathloop’s file size is just 16.1GB

With each new generation, the files sizes for games have increased more and more, with the PS4 and Xbox One generation seeing games reach as big as 175GB.This led to fears that the latest generation of games would be even bigger. It seems this may not be the case, as one of the PS5’s biggest 2021 games – Deathloop – will set the console’s SSD back by just 16GB.

Deathloop, the upcoming game from Arkane Studios, was recently added to the PlayStation servers ahead of the game’s September launch. As part of this, it was revealed that the game will take up a mere 16.1GB of space on the PS5’s SSD. While the full scope of the game has yet to be revealed (although a State of Play announced for later today should provide more insight into this), Arkane’s games have historically been large in size.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider was a standalone expansion released on previous gen hardware. Despite being a smaller game, and less graphically impressive, the game took up 24.29GB of space on PlayStation. Prey, the studio's previous major title, took up 42GB.

With the new generation of consoles utilising fast SSDs, developers are now able to take advantage of compression technologies (such as the PS5’s Kraken technology), seeing games such as Subnautica go from 14GB on PS4 to 3.5GB on PS5 – to name a single example.

While the PS5 launched with a relatively small 825GB SSD, it is becoming clear that bigger games can now come in smaller packages – and Deathloop appears to be the latest example of this.

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