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Funimation streaming app may be coming to the Switch

Ever since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, many owners have been disappointed at the fact that the hybrid console offers very little in the way of video streaming apps. While all other consoles (and even older Nintendo systems) offered applications such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, the Switch has seen almost none of that. This might finally change however, as Funimation appears to be teasing a Nintendo Switch app.

Taking to Twitter, the Funimation account released a short clip of a Nintendo Switch with purple Joy-Cons (the primary colour used by Funimation) with the caption “oh, hello” suggesting that an app for the streaming service could be on its way soon.

Funimation is a streaming service owned by Sony which distributes primarily english dubbed anime. It is one of the biggest Western anime streaming services, and so it makes sense that it should come to the console – though Nintnedo has until now been very strict with allowing non-gaming apps on its latest console.

Currently, only two major streaming services are available on the Switch, Hulu and YouTube.  With this latest teaser by Funimation however, hopefully Nintendo is widening the floodgates a little when it comes to allowing apps on the hybrid system.

Being both handheld and dockable, the Switch would serve as a great streaming device, and so hopefully following on from Funimation, other services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ can find their way onto the console. Time will tell.

KitGuru says: Are you excited to see Funimation come to the Switch? What other services would you like to see added? What’s your most used video streaming service? Let us know down below.

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