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Gears 5 cuts its latency in half on the Series X

While the discussion surrounding framerates is very much an active topic among those that play video games, one other important factor which often falls under the radar (particularly in console gaming) is the notion of latency. It appears as though Microsoft is well aware of the importance of latency (or lack thereof), as they have announced that the Series X enhanced version of Gears 5 will see its latency cut by up to 57%.

On Twitter, the official Gears of War page was highlighting the improvements that the team had made for the Xbox Series X enhanced version of the third person shooter. One of the improvements highlighted by the developers was that of latency, saying “#Gears5 feels better than ever on Xbox Series X.”

According to the developers, “We’ve reduced input latency by 36% (Campaign) and 57% (Versus), delivering a profoundly more responsive experience for our players…especially when every millisecond matters.”

Alongside this, they shared some charts, showing that even with both the One X and Series X running the game at 60fps, latency was improved by a measurable degree. This improvenet is even more noticeable when playing at 120fps, which the versus mode is capable of.

Though a game’s frame rate is important for ensuring that a game feels good to control, latency is just as important – perhaps even moreso. It is therefore encouraging to see Microsoft focusing on bringing latency down by as much as possible.

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KitGuru says: Are you pleased to see Microsoft focus on latency? What’s more important in your opinion, Latency or frame rate? What other improvements would you like to see developers focus on? Let us know down below.

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