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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 seemingly confirmed by job listing

While there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Horizon Zero Dawn would be getting a sequel (even the game itself teased that there was more to the story), it has seemingly now been confirmed through a job listing that the next project coming from Guerrilla Games will be set in the Horizon Zero Dawn universe.

Posting on their website, Guerrilla Games are advertising the role of ‘Technical Vegetation Artist’. While a large part of Horizon Zero Dawn was covered in thick luscious forestry, the studio outright confirms that this role is in relation to Horizon Zero Dawn, by opening the job posting with “[w]ithin Guerrilla, we have four teams dedicated to creating the stunning environments of Horizon”.

While it is of course not surprising to hear that the Amsterdam-based PlayStation studio is working on a sequel (the first game did sell over 10 million copies after all), this job posting does bring into question when we are likely to see the sequel come to fruition.

Horizon Zero Dawn released in early 2017, and while it took the studio roughly 6 years to develop, all the core assets for the game, and the engine optimisations as well as the models and animations have all been created. Sequels generally take less time to come out, due to the studio’s ability to repurpose assets, as well as simply being more familiar with the tools. Guerrilla Game’s current position is interesting however. 

While many predicted that the game could be a PS5 launch title, giving the sequel just under 4 years for development, it was recently revealed that more than 70 Guerrilla Games employees worked on Death Stranding, accounting for about 1/5th of the Studio’s total employees.

That, alongside the fact that all of the assets from Horizon Zero Dawn would need to be redrawn to make use of the increased power of the PlayStation 5, might mean that the sequel is further away than anticipated. The job listing for a Technical Vegetation Artist furthers that belief.

We might not have to wait too long for another game set in the Horizon universe however. A recent leak claimed that PlayStation’s London Studio is working on a game set in the Horizon Zero Dawn Universe, and that it could be revealed soon. 

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KitGuru says: What did you think of Horizon Zero Dawn? What would you like to see from its sequel? Do you think the game will be a PS5 launch title, or will it come at a later date? Let us know down below.

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