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March’s free PlayStation Plus games have leaked

It is becoming quite common for Sony’s monthly free PlayStation Plus games to be leaked prior to their official announcement. So far, Sony has seemingly not been able to plug the leak, as March’s upcoming free titles have been revealed early.

BillBil-Kun is a known leaker with a history of unveiling games coming to subscription services before their official announcements. Shaking things up in March, Billbil revealed just two of the upcoming free PS+ titles (though decided to do it in a tongue-in-cheek manner) claiming that PlayStation players should engage “big hesitation before buying Ark Survival Evolved and Team Sonic Racing on PS4,” saying:

“Hello or good evening everyone. I got interested in Ark Survival Evolved and Team Sonic Racing recently, and I still want to buy them to play on my PS5. Knowing that I don't really have any money, I really hesitate to buy them. But hey, in the end, maybe I'll wait until the beginning of next month. Thank you for your support.”

Sony typically offers 3 free games each month: Two PS4, and a PS5 game. With Team Sonic Racing and Ark: Survival Evolved both being PS4 titles, the much-anticipated PS5 game is still unknown. PS Now subscribers will be getting Shadow Warrior 3 as a day-one title on its service, and so hopefully the as-of-yet-unknown March PS5 game for PS+ proves to be equally as exciting.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the leaked line-up so far? What PS5 game would compliment this line-up? When do you think Sony will announce ‘Project Spartacus’? Let us know down below.

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