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PS5 stock shortages will [hopefully] be fully gone by 2024

Launching late 2020 smack in the middle of a global pandemic, the PlayStation 5 has struggled with major supply issues. Though Sony has managed to sell more than 17 million units, this figure falls far behind the PS4’s numbers. Unfortunately, while it seems supply constraints will continue for now, Sony expects it to finally be fixed by 2024.

Sony recently held a financial presentation where the CEO of Sony Interactive entertainment, Jim Ryan, discussed the sales performance of the PlayStation 5.

As mentioned, since its launch in late 2020, Sony has managed to sell over 17 million units. While an impressive figure given the circumstances, Ryan highlighted that the PlayStation 5 is currently lagging behind the PS4 when looking at that system’s sales during its second year on the market.

According to Sony and Ryan however, supply should pick up over the course of the console’s 3rd year on the market, with 2024 finally set to see the PlayStation 5 surpass its predecessor in terms of supply.

Interestingly, the company detailed exactly how it plans to manage this, taking a two-pronged approach to the situation. Firstly, the company is sourcing its materials from multiple suppliers, meaning they are not reliant on a single channel for parts. Secondly, they are engaging in ongoing negotiations to get the best delivery routes for the system possible.

Of course, while it is disappointing for many that Sony is unable to meet demand, it is entirely understandable given the current climate. Hopefully there are no more unforeseen ‘surprises’ which could further affect supply.

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