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PS5 version of Minecraft finally launches (in preview)

Despite being by far the best selling game of all time, Mojang had shown a surprising lack of interest in bringing current-gen versions of Minecraft to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Finally, after years of waiting, the current-gen Xboxes got a 4k patch late last year. Now, a native PS5 version has gone live.

Making the announcement on their blog, the team at Mojang said “We have some exciting news for our PlayStation 5 community! Today we’re launching the first preview of a native version of Minecraft for the Sony PlayStation 5 – and we need your help to test it!”

Full details on how to gain access to the preview version can be found HERE, but those who do upgrade might be a bit disappointed with the current result.

The long-teased super duper graphics pack is nowhere to be found, nor are there any ray-tracing features. That said, the PS5 version of the game does come in at a smaller file size compared to the PS4 version and also increased the overall render distance from 28 to 36 chunks.

Of course, this is just a preview build, and so more features may be added in the future (not to mention the fact that the PS4 Pro version already ran at 4K).

Regardless, getting any upgrades at all is welcome at this point. Hopefully more updates are added over time.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the PS5 upgrade? Is it long overdue? What changes did you want to see with the current-gen version? Let us know down below.

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