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Switch 2 will reportedly include both physical and digital backwards compatibility

Nintendo’s relationship with backwards compatibility has historically been somewhat mixed, with some of their prior systems featuring absolute backwards compatibility at the hardware level – and others including no BC whatsoever. Fortunately, it seems as though the impending Switch successor will come with a robust implementation of backwards compatibility.

As claimed by Nintendo leaker ‘PH Brazil’ (and reported by Universo Nintendo), the Nintendo Switch’s successor will include both digital and physical backwards compatibility – meaning you will be able to insert your Switch cartridges into its successor and play your entire library without any issues.

Considering the fact that it supports the Switch 1 at a hardware level, it is unsurprising to see that the system will also support backwards compatibility with digital Switch titles.

Interestingly, the unannounced console will reportedly also be able to “allow developers to study improvements for the current titles in the Nintendo Switch library” meaning it should be relatively simple for devs to upgrade their games for the new hardware.

As mentioned, Nintendo has had a somewhat spotty past when it comes to console backwards compatibility. While the likes of the Nintendo Wii and 3DS were able to play discs/cartridges from one generation prior, 2017’s Switch featured no backwards compatibility whatsoever. As such, it is encouraging to see that Nintendo will not leave its audience of 140+ million players behind come the next generation.

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