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Leo Says Ep 18 – The AMD EPISODE! (and a little Nvidia GPP)

AMD, AMD, and a little more AMD. Yes, AMD are the topic of conversation for our opinionated hero LEO this week. He discusses their recent Ryzen 2 launch, upcoming products and the departure of some key people from the company. Good news is that we are happy to see Sasa Marinkovic get a promotion inside AMD – he is a very intelligent chap, with bags of charm as well. I have met him a few times and he seems like a very genuine person. Trust me, that is a rare feeling to get from a key executive in a major tech company within this industry.

Watch via our VIMEO Channel (below) or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE

00:10 Introduction and early musings
00:36 Nvidia GPP – Dell and HP
03:27 AMD has launched 2nd Gen Ryzen. Ryzen 7 2800X in the pipeline?
04:37 Ryzen 2 samples – tested by AMD beforehand? mmm.
07:45 The AMD briefing! Yay!
17:39 Chris Hook and Roy Taylor leave, Sasa Marinkovic takes over
21:32 AMD Navi due in 2019

Read our Ryzen 7 2700x review: https://goo.gl/9ytMcT
Read our Ryzen 5 2600x Review: https://goo.gl/ZRTn1g

KitGuru says: Be sure to let us know your thoughts and if you agree (or disagree) with LEO. Love him, or hate him- he says it, cause he means it!

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