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AMD RX 580 and RX 560 benchmarks leak

It looks like there is an AMD RX-500 graphics card series on the way as two new benchmarks have appeared from an AMD employee on the Ashes of the Singularity database, showing performance for an upcoming RX 580 and RX 560 GPU. Both benchmarks were run at 1080p using the …

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First traces of Volta spotted in new Nvidia driver

It looks like the first signs of Nvidia’s upcoming Volta architecture are starting to appear as recently the team behind AIDA64 spotted references to Nvidia’s next generation flagship GPU in a new driver. It seems that the AIDA64 team were digging around Nvidia’s latest driver looking for traces of the …

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MSI is teasing a new Mini-ITX GPU

It looks like we can expect a new mini-ITX graphics card from MSI any day now as the company has begun teasing a shrunk down version of what could either be a GTX 1080 or a GTX 1070. MSI posted a quick teaser image on its Facebook page late last …

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AMD confirms Vega still on track for Q2 2017

Last night, AMD held its quarterly earnings report, during which CEO Lisa Su revealed a few details about launch plans for the first half of 2017. Firstly, she confirmed to investors that the first Ryzen desktop processor will be launching in early March as previously thought, but secondly, we also …

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AMD said to be launching Vega GPUs in May


It looks like things in the GPU world are going to get very interesting over the next few months. Not only is there a rumour going around that the GTX 1080Ti may be revealed in March but it turns out we may finally see the launch of AMD’s new Vega …

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Report claims GTX 1080Ti now coming in March


In the months leading up to CES, there were several rumours floating around claiming that Nvidia would be showing off the GTX 1080Ti- something that ultimately turned out to be untrue. However, the rumour mill doesn’t stop spinning, leading to new reports that the card will now be shown at …

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CES 2017: AMD Vega has potential to beat GTX 1080Ti

AMD’s CES ultra-tease of its Vega hardware suggests that it could be as powerful if not more so than some of Nvidia’s most expensive graphics cards. It suggests that with advancements in the geometry pipeline, its new pixel engine and high bandwidth memory 2 (HBM2) it could end up being …

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Nvidia launches GTX 1050 and GTX 1050Ti for laptops

Back in November, Nvidia launched the desktop version of the GTX 1050Ti and GTX 1050, bringing the Pascal architecture to budget-minded desktop gamers. However, there are those out there that require or prefer the portability of a laptop, so this week, Nvidia has launched the GTX 1050Ti and GTX 1050 …

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Intel and AMD are teaming up for a CPU/GPU bundle


It looks like Intel and AMD are getting into the holiday spirit with a new CPU/GPU/Game bundle for Christmas, before January hits and the two have to become rivals once again. This month, AMD Radeon is joining forces with Intel to offer a bundle that includes a Core i5 6600K, …

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