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Refugee Text wants to help make seeking asylum easier


As much as immigrants and refugees are a sensitive, emotive political topic, it’s easy to agree that actually being one of those people fleeing a war torn country must be pretty terrifying. With that in mind, Refugee Text wants to use the power of automated chat bots to help those …

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Cuphead delayed again, but Thumper is out now

When KitGuru visits shows like Insomnia Series and EGX, we like to spend a lot of time covering all of the new and innovative indie games that are in the works, watching them grow and develop over the years. Now that Thumper is finally out, we’re pretty excited, but the fact …

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Windows Paint can now handle 3D objects following big update

If like us, you usually only use Windows Paint when Photoshop isn’t to hand, then you’ll likely be impressed by the trailer for the newly updated version of Microsoft’s photo editing application. Not only are their new tools and a refined interface to work with, but Paint can now handle …

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Russia’s head of anti-piracy arrested for ‘fraud’


The head of one of Russia’s largest anti-piracy agencies has been arrested and charged with fraud, stemming from an alleged incident where he offered to drop the case against a well known pirate site in exchange for monetary compensation. He is said to have demanded as much as 50 million …

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Sony finally agrees to let Bethesda bring mods to PS4


Last month, Bethesda let PlayStation 4 owners know that Sony wasn’t playing ball when it came to bringing mods to the console. Given that Bethesda has had mods running for Fallout 4 on the Xbox One for months now, this news didn’t go down well. Fortunately, it didn’t take long …

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TalkTalk fined £400,000 for poor security practises


It has been almost a year since TalkTalk suffered a huge cyber attack, in which the personal information of over 150,000 customers was stolen. Now, the UK-based ISP has to face the consequences, as the firm has been fined a record £400,000 for poor security practices, which left consumer data …

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4chan is going broke, may need drastic changes

Message board 4chan is in serious financial trouble and unless some drastic changes can turn the ship around, much of the site may need to close. The current owner told users on Sunday that the site may need to implement pop-up adverts, a cap on upload sizes and potentially even close …

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Developer that sued Steam gamers is ‘destroyed’


Former-Steam developer, Digital Homicide has dismissed its lawsuit against gamers following Valve’s removal of all of its games from Steam, as it can no longer viably afford to continue with it. Claiming that it’s company had been “destroyed,” by the move, representatives still say that the suits were valid, but …

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