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Google pulls the plug on Google Glass explorer programme

Google is reportedly pulling the plug on its Google Glass Explorer programme, which allowed those with $1500 handy to buy and help test out the smart glasses. However, despite Google calling it quits on Glass in its current form, it will continue to focus on the future of the product and bring out a consumer device eventually.

The BBC has learned that the Google Glass team will move to the Google X division and become a separate undertaking under the current manager, Ivy Ross. From next week onwards, Google will stop taking orders for the $1500 version of Glass, which we have seen around since 2013.


The Glass team will now report to the Chief Executive of home automation business, Nest, indicating a change in direction for the smart glasses. Google has said that it remains committed to turning Glass in to a consumer product but has no timescale for this and will conduct future testing out of the public eye.

Many who took part in the Explorer programme initially have since stopped using the device as it did not evolve in to what Google initially had hoped. Additionally, the wearable has seen quick bans in several public venues, including cinemas and restaurants.

This also squashes rumors of an Intel powered Glass 2 coming out this year. However, it is possible that Intel will still be working with Google on the future of Glass behind closed doors.

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KitGuru Says: Google Glass isn't going away entirely, the firm is merely putting a halt to consumer orders and bringing testing back behind closed doors, rather than allowing the public to chip in. Not much has changed with Google Glass since its launch in 2013, maybe in a year or two Google will come back with something a little more advanced.

Source: BBC

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