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Google explains why it abandoned the steering wheel

The head of Google's X division has explained why the company chose to abandon the steering wheel in its self-driving cars, claiming that humans are “not a reliable backup”, particularly in emergency situations, during a talk at SXSW this week. Astro Teller said that during the company's tests, they found …

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Google X head says Glass got too much attention

Did Google give its Glass smart glasses too much public attention? The head of the company’s X division appears to think so. While he agrees that the explorer’s program was a good idea, the company drew too much attention to it. Speaking at SXSW this week, Google X head, Astro …

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Google X display head joins Oculus VR

Oculus VR is continuing to siphon up some of the world's top tech talent with a rumoured new hire right from the heart of Google's X facility. Mary Lou Jepsen, who for the past three years has headed up the display division there, is reported to have left to join …

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Google: wearables need to get cheaper to become popular

Without doubts, wearable computing devices are a part of the future, but at present they are hardly popular for three reasons: they are expensive, they are bulky and their capabilities are limited. Evolution of technology will make devices more stylish and compact, but manufacturers will have to do their best in order …

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