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Netflix finally works on Linux

Netflix streaming is finally working natively on Linux, without the need to trick the website in to thinking that you're actually running a different OS. Streaming via Google's Chrome browser is currently working on a few distros including Ubuntu, Fedora and the Ubuntu-based Mint. More distros are expected to be supported over time.

Why will Netflix only run in the Chrome browser? Because the whole thing apparently relies on the Network Security Services library, which is currently only available in the latest build of Chrome for Ubuntu. Other browsers are expected to follow suit but for now users are bound to Google's browser and a select few Linux Distros in order to get their streaming fix.


Chrome version 37 is available to all Ubuntu users with up to date installations of the distro, 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS or later. Since the launch of Netflix, Linux users have had to use user agent spoofing techniques in order to stream shows but that will soon be unnecessary for most distro users.

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KitGuru Says: Overall support for Linux in all areas seems to be ramping up a little bit recently. Do any of you guys use Linux? Have you managed to get Netflix working on the OS in the past?

Source: Ubuntu Insights

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