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Ryzen UK pricing confirmed, pre-orders go live at 6PM

Today has been a big day for AMD, not only is Ryzen confirmed to begin shipping on the 2nd of March but pre-orders are set to go live later today and pricing appears to be very competitive against Intel's high-end i7 CPUs. While we only got confirmation of US pricing while attending AMD's Ryzen press event (which you can see our coverage of, HERE), Overclockers UK have been kind enough to confirm UK retail pricing to us ahead of pre-orders this evening.

Here are OCUK's planned pre-order prices for 6PM tonight:
Ryzen 7 1700- £319.99 with free delivery.
Ryzen 7 1700x- £379.99 with free delivery.
Ryzen 7 1800x- £489.95 with free delivery.

Overclockers won't be the only UK retailer going live with pre-orders tonight but we don't have a price list from other retailers just yet. Either way, if you are planning on picking up more than just a CPU, then OCUK will also be selling 4GB RX 480s for £164.99 or 8GB RC 480s for £194.99 with a free copy of DOOM to help celebrate the Ryzen launch.

You will be able to pre-order Ryzen CPUs from THIS LINK but do keep in mind that it will not work until after 6PM GMT. If you want to see what we thought of the performance of these chips while at the Ryzen event, then you can check out our coverage, HERE.

KitGuru Says: What do you guys think of Ryzen pricing here in the UK? It does seem to be a tad higher than I would have thought but still very competitive with the likes of the Core i7 6900K. 

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  1. Higher UK price.. yeah shocking when you combine VAT and the fallout of Brexit.

  2. I’ll wait for benchmarks, but sudenly the deal doesn’t look as good. 7700K cost £360 so its even cheaper than 1700x, if not for 24 PCI lanes I wouldn’t even consider buying AMD at this point. Now I’m gonna have to find out which one is a better for VR.

  3. the 7700k was compared to the 1700, not the 1700x and considering OCUK prices are £319.99(1700) vs £379.99 (7700k) I’m not entirely sure what your point is.

    Regardless, yes, third party tests and benchmarking are what’s important and it’ll be interesting to see how it fares in real life situations

  4. WhateverYouWantItToBe

    In their presentation, the 1700 (not X) was the competitor to the 7700k. 1700X competes with the 6800K and 1800X the 6900K

  5. The amd 1700, that competes with the 7700k, is a much stronger cpu and is not intended for only gaming use. They demonstrated dota with streaming, and in that task the i7 struggled and dropped frames, while the 1700 didnt. Also dont forget that this is at almost the same price. And if someone wants something similar to the 7700k ( or at least with a bit of overclocking), the quad core with smt of amd will cost somewhere around 200 pounds, even if u add the cost of a motherboard and a decent cpu cooler, you will still pay less, for the same level of performance.

  6. Oh I like how you compare it to the 1700x when the 1700 is cheaper than the 7700k and is basically the 1700x clocked 100MHz lower.

  7. Damn, You are right. I was watching Linus’s reveal and I think I misheard what he said, checked it again and yes, he was talking about 1700 put against 6800K.


  8. The 1700k is in a similar price range to the 7700k. (300 – 400) You could pay 319.99 for less or £50 more for way more performance.

  9. to be honest the uk prices are ridiculous, it really is treasure island for companies. $499 for 1800x, with conversion rate that’s £401.50. Overclockers selling it for £489.95 that’s nearly £90 more, such a rip off. 1700x $399, conversion £321.03. overclockers selling theirs for £379.99 that’s £60 difference. Companies have the nerve to sell these chips for a massive rip off.prices. I am definitely buying my Ryzen chip from US ebay, you can get shipping for around $20. Don’t pay UK prices import your own.

  10. OMG! You never heard of tax? Find a piece of hardware that has the conversion from USD and GBP exactly or even cheaper. LOL? Are you sure? Ryzen chips from US eBay yea shipping is 20 and then when the import charges are like 60 GBP then you’ll understand. And I bet you will have a nice time contacting warranty support on the other side of the world.

  11. V.A.T. you idiot.

  12. Amazon price for Intel core i7 7700k is 327£

  13. I just thought it would be fairer to compare between two OCUK prices. Amazon may or may not also offer the 1700 at a lower price, similarly to how it does with the 7700k

  14. V.A.T. 20% plus the falling value of the pound thanks to Brexit. The 1800X is £400 in the US. £90 is made up with tax alone.

  15. X1800 is about $659-$699 CAD in Canada and that is before our GST (Government Sales Tax) well that is the prices I have seen for pre orders. Our dollar is worse than the US dollar see we pay a lot more here. Our government likes to devalue our dollar because of exports from our country.