Sparkle GTX560 2GB OC Edition Review
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Today we are looking at a new GTX 560 from Sparkle, which features 2 GB of GDDR5 and is supplied in an overclocked state. At £170 inc vat is this the ideal graphics card upgrade for a new Christmas system build?

The GTX560 has proven to be a popular card for Nvidia building upon the incredible success of the GTX460. The reference card has 7 SMs, 32 ROPS, 512kb of L2 cache, 336 SPs and 1GB of GDDR5 memory connected via a 256 bit memory bus. This Sparkle GTX560 card is equipped with double the memory (2GB GDDR5) with a higher core clock speed (822mhz). This is sure to enhance performance at higher resolutions when image quality is cranked.


  • Over clock edition
  • Microsoft DirectX 11 support
  • GDDR5 product
  • 40nm Processor Technology
  • Native MiniHDMI & HDMI 1.4a support
  • integrated Audio for HDMI
  • All solid capacitors insure reliable and stable operation
  • Large capacity 2048MB


  • GPU – GeForce GTX 560
  • Core Name – GF114
  • Processor Technology – 40nm
  • CUDA Cores – 336 cores
  • Processor Clock – 1644MHz
  • Graphics Clock – 822MHz
  • Memory Clock – 4008MHz
  • Memory Amount – GDDR5
  • Memory Interface – 256bit
  • Bus Type – PCI-e 2.0
  • HDCP – Yes
  • SLI Ready – Yes

Can this Sparkle solution compete in the mid range sector against AMD’s HD6870?

Sparkle GTX560 2GB OC Edition Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  • Optix

    nice card, but why not go for a ti instread? seems a better deal to me.

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  • 5Trid

    I already have this card and the review is fair, it is a bit loud due to the single, small fan, but performance is great. THey should have made a dual fan version

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  • Roger

    Sparkle? didnt even know they were still going. they have a weak presense in UK. not the first company I would think of for a purchase.

    looks like a decent card, but the cooler is quite poor considering the competition. You were too nice in the review

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  • John

    I think this card is pointless with new AMD cards launching soon and all that.

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  • Davit Marmarashvili

    good review ! thanks kitguru !

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