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XFX Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition Limited 4GB in CrossFire X Review

Rating: 9.0.

Imagine for a moment that you were a multi millionaire and had no limits when it came to budgeting for your gaming rig. Well, today we hope to take you on a trip down fantasy lane as we look at not one, but two of the XFX Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition Limited 4GB cards – Number 021 and Number 022. Would you love to be in a position to budget over £1,800 for just the graphics cards? Yeah we thought so, join the club.

At 31 cm long the XFX HD 5970 Black Edition Limited 4GB gives the word ‘beast’ a whole new meaning. Today we are going to look at the performance of both cards in a variety of synthetic benchmarks and real world gaming situations. We also have a personal goal to achieve – KitGuru wants to break 40,000 in 3DMark Vantage at Performance settings.

Key Features

  • 4GB GDDR5 memory
  • ATI Eyefinity6 Edition
    • Supports up to six panels via ATI Eyefinity technology (1, 3)
    • Supports up to 7680 x 3200 resolutions in Single Large Surface (SLS) Mode or up to 2560 x 1600 per output.
  • Windows 7 support
  • ATI Stream technology (2)
    • Designed for DirectCompute 11 and OpenCL
    • Accelerated Video Transcoding (AVT) (2,4)
  • Compliant with DirectX® 11 and earlier revisions
  • Supports OpenGL 3.2
  • 40 nm Process technology
  • ATI CrossFireX™ multi-GPU support for highly scalable performance (5)
  • ATI Avivo™ HD video and display technology (6,7)
  • Dynamic power management with ATI PowerPlay™ technology (6)
  • 6x Mini-DisplayPorts
  • PCI Express® 2.1 support

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  • Eric K

    good god. that is hilarious. Crysis playable at 5760×1080 at enthusiast :p

  • Tim

    lol. Not much more to say to this review. those frame rates are the highest ive seen ever.

  • Harry

    Crysis is impressive. it still runs like shit for me at 1920 🙂

  • Lucus

    Well tickle my tonsels. thats a credit card bill and a half for that system. how much, 5k for the rig ?

  • Sam

    The ducati analogy is interesting. I laughed initially but you have a point and I get where you are coming from.

    Sorry at the end of the day however, I couldn’t even begin to contemplate spending almost 2k on a Crossfire setup.

  • Brad

    CPU £700, PSU £250, Memory £150, Graphics £1800, Case £250, Hard Drive £300. Cooler £100.

    Lovely. liked the videos too, that memory is wicked, is that crucial ballistix tracer ?

  • David

    Its £100 less than the ARES, so at least thats something.

  • Trevor Hindle

    Great cards and they look beautiful, much nicer than ARES imo. Isnt AMD’s new range coming out in a few months? surely makes these pretty much redundant now.

  • Robert Lee

    Gaming on these for a month would give a nice electricity bill. AX850 was getting warm? thats a serious output level.

  • Melted Tech Cheese

    How many of these are XFX making? 500 ?

  • Hank

    The cost is so high probably to cover, or help cover the R&D by XFX. I can’t see them selling too many of these, id love to get sales figures, out of curiousity.

  • Joe

    i love these cards, but I couldn’t afford anything close to this. I saw a great review of this on hardware heaven too a few weeks ago.

  • @ Robert – yeah it would heat up the house, so you might save money long term. not sure of the overall output, I just measured the cards.

    @ Brad – yes , ballistix tracer – great memory and very underrated, ive had those to 2ghz.

    @ Sam – I dont think any of us would spend 1800 on a system like this, well Id love to, but im just like you guys, a pauper 😉

    @ Joe – I haven’t read it, but I am sure it is good, Stuart is one of the best reviewers on the net.

    @ Melted Cheese Tech – I honestly have no idea of the amount of cards produced in this range, I wouldn’t say very many. ill find out if I can.

    @ Trevor – I don’t think your scenario just relates to Graphics cards, but yes a new range of cards, not long away.

  • Ok I just called XFX, they only made 1000 of these, worldwide. quite a limited run.

  • Garth

    Very nice, apart from the noise ratings. crazy performance.

  • Jordan

    … hmmm…

    If I win euro millions, I might consider setup like this… 😀

  • Kern

    the toys of the rich and famous. if only 🙂

  • Darren Stephens

    Those are really sexy looking cards – love the colours. they seem rather loud, but its part of the trade off for ultimate performance.

  • Dan

    very nice, wouldnt make me much of a better gamer however, I suck 🙂

  • Frankie Half Life 2 lover

    I have been saving up for one of these since it was announced, almost have the money now, but it will probably all be gone by the time I get it together 🙁

  • Mank

    Very nice performance to say the least. It seems totally overkill for what most people need, but hell if you have three monitors and a core i7 970 or 980x, SSD, 1200W psu, why the hell not ? 🙂

  • Alex

    On the benchmark reviews on haven the person says that a nvidia 460 overclocked gets 30 fps average? i scored 68 fps with sli’ed 260 1 year old videocards. DX11 in this benchmark test is backwards compatible so that is with a dx 11 render… So I question the validity of that statement — “For comparison, an overclocked GTX460 scores an average of 37.1 fps. Scaling in Crossfire X is very good with the average frame rate jumping from 62.6 to 114.3 when another card is added. On a side note, we expect to see Tesselation improving with the new range of ATI cards.”

  • Alex

    With that said, my minimum fps was 10 fps higher then the minimum fps logged on those bench tests. So your buying overhead fps ;(.