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Daybreak CEO to go after hacker who downed his flight

Daybreak CEO John Smedley is the man who's flight was downed last  year when hackers called in a bomb threat and leaked his personal information. So you can understand that now one of those responsible from Lizard Squad have been convicted, he's rather pleased.

What he isn't happy about though is that the 17 year old Fin will not be doing any jail time; he instead received a two year suspended sentence and a mandate that he must ‘speak out' against hacking.

Smedley, who is the current lead on H1Z1, has made a point of banning hackers and cheaters from the game's online survival experience. However the developer, Daybreak, made headlines a few months back when it allowed those same individuals to be unbanned if they posted an apology video. It let to a lot of responses.


In this latest hacking story, Smedley claimed that the convicted hacker was also facing 15 other criminal cases which were awaiting prosecution. He also pseudo-threatened to go after the kid's parents in Civil court and claimed that they should be held responsible for his actions, since he was still under 18.

Lizard Squad's own response was calm, claiming that Smedley couldn't touch the group. It also sarcastically asked when his next flight was.

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KitGuru Says: This is the same hacking group that brought down the PSN and Xbox Live networks on Christmas Day, so it doesn't have quite the same Robin Hood feel as other well known hacker collectives. 

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  1. I have no problem with certain groups going after corrupt officials/organisations but these kids that DDOS’d PSN and Xbox Live over Christmas are complete scum. Some of them used the excuse that Xmas is a time for family and not for consoles etc, but what if they were all going to play a game together ? sit down and watch a movie ?

    Times have changed, when I was young (a few decades ago now) we all sat and played board games, watched a film or two and spent time together, now we play a game on a console instead of a board, we stream movies from our consoles instead of watching the same old crap repeats on TV all whilst spending time together.
    Family still spend time together at Xmas it’s just that the tools they use to do this have changed as technology has developed. So basically Lizard Squad was responsible for trying to destroy family Christmas’s all over the world…….great job lads/lasses you should be really proud of yourselves….

  2. As I told him on twitter, he could try to get the kid tried as a adult.
    But going after the kids parents because of something their child is is kinda stupid.
    That would be the equivalent to his parents being persecuted for his idiotic actions.

    Simply put the law will decide whats best for the kid, and Smedley will just have to suck it up and deal with it.

  3. Conrado Sampaio

    The parents can be held accountable through civil court if their child’s, who is younger than 18 (16 in some countries), actions had a negative economic impact on someone else.

  4. I am aware of this, if a persons crime is Serve enough though they can be tried as a adult though.

  5. Also if the parents had notice of the kids behavior and did nothing to prevent his continued annoyance.

  6. so you think parents aren’t responsible for their kids actions?

    ok, i can give you that sometimes a parent can’t be held responsible; say if a kid goes out and steals a gun and murders some people. but this kid was using a computer that they likely bought for him, accessing the internet that they payed for, and running off of their electricity. just because they were foolishly ignorant of what he was doing online doesn’t negate their responsibility.

    none of this negates the responsibility the kid has for his own actions, he was 16+ when he did this after all, but to say the parents dont hold some responsibility is just foolish and legally wrong.

  7. Lizard Squad isn’t heros. They’ve pissed off many people and groups. I would not want to be them because I’m sure they pissed off many other hackers and those hackers are hunting them, not just authorities.

  8. Okay i can understand some hack coalitions (such as Anonymous who tends to go after the proper people for the right reasons and disassociate themselves with individuals who slander their name)

    …. But these LS kids have no right acting like rats and destroying millions of peoples’ enjoyment just because they got butt-hurt after this individual RIGHTFULLY got pissed off at this delinquent’s actions and finding that this kid won’t be getting any sort of actual punishment (nor his parents for ALLOWING it to continue this far.)

    Because now rather than going after the individual threatening the kid, they’re going after GAMES… seriously, the hell is that going to do? it’s just going to piss off the players. Don’t go after the community, go after the guy that’s upsetting you. You want to kill a snake chop the head off, otherwise it’ll just turn around and bite back.

  9. What kind of a dick CEO goes after a 16 (now 17) year old and his parents. He deserves what’s coming to him. He clearly doesn’t understand the community he and his company just “bought.”

  10. A spoiled brat multi-millionaire is threatening a 16 (now 17) year old and his parent because of a prank. You think that’s cool? lol ok.

  11. throw all them bastards in jail. hackers and swatters.

  12. Probably a smaller dick than you justifying the teenage picks actions.

  13. “A spoiled brat multi-millionaire is threatening a 16 (now 17) year old and his parent because of a prank.”

    What exactly makes Smedley the one whose “A spoiled brat” here? Because he wants justice for all the shit this kid has pulled? Do you even know the extent of the crimes Kivimaki has done?

    From Smedley’s public statement:
    “He’s been involved for years in every kind of terrible thing you can imagine including Carding, hacking, swatting people all over the world. He’s also participated in a major way in DDOS attacks that caused a lot of grief for gamers and a lot of economic damage to the companies that make and run games.

    He was the guy that brought down my flight with a bomb threat. I’ve heard the entire recording where he convinced an airline customer service agent there was a bomb on the plane. He also in conjunction with others has sent me pictures of my father’s grave with nasty stuff on it. I’ve had my entire credit history put out on the internet including my SSN and my families info. We’ve had multiple social networks and other things hacked and had my family members called.

    I’ve also been swatted (multiple times) and had over 50 false credit applications submitted in my name and had to deal with the ramifications of what happens to your credit when this kind of thing happens. It’s not good. And to top it all off they decided to submit false tax returns.”

    From BBC:

    “Kivimaki was able to compromise more than 50,000 computer servers by exploiting vulnerabilities in a software program they ran called ColdFusion. Prosecutors had accused the teenager of adding malware to about 1,400 of the servers.
    They said this let him create a botnet, which he used to carry out denial of service (DoS) attacks on other systems – an action that bombards affected computers with internet traffic causing them to become overwhelmed.

    Chat logs discovered on Kivimaki’s PC indicated he had used the botnet to attack the news site ZDNet and the chat tool Canternet.

    Kivimaki was also accused of helping steal seven gigabytes worth of data, sent to and from email addresses ending in @mit.edu – the system used by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    The court was told that MIT’s traffic was redirected to a website hosted on a server run by Harvard University, where it could be examined.

    The company that provided MIT’s email infrastructure, Educause, said it had incurred more than $213,000 (£139,000) worth of costs as a consequence.

    In addition, Kivimaki was accused of obtaining credentials to access accounts belonging to MongoHQ, a Californian website database provider, which allowed him to search billing and payment card information belonging to its clients.

    Kivimaki was said to have subsequently used stolen credit information to successfully make online purchases on 21 occasions as well as to have shared the information with others.

    Evidence shown to the court included orders for champagne and shop vouchers.

    Kivimaki was also accused of being involved in a money laundering scheme involving the virtual currency Bitcoin, which he was said to have used to fund a trip to Mexico.”

    He’s caused millions of dollars in damages, Swatted people multiple times (which is extremely dangerous, it goes without saying), defiled the man’s fathers grave, grounded his plane by making false bomb threats, hacked and inconvenienced tens of thousands of people, stolen credit card information and money to buy himself champagne and vacations. But hey, it’s cool, after all it’s just a prank bro, right?

    He still doesn’t show a shred of remorse for his actions, literally laughing on his twitter about his suspended sentence. But hey, that’s all okay right? He’s only 16.

    Get real.

  14. He’s had his credit reports posted online, his SSN leaked, false IRS tax returns filed, his plane downed because of a bomb threat and more.

    If you honestly can’t see what’s wrong with that you’re most likely under the age of 16 and haven’t done anything with your life other than eat cheetos and go to middle school.

  15. Look at this little precious ‘child’: https://twitter.com/rootworx/status/619254905044271108 – I hope he gets locked up a good 10 years, show him it’s not OK to behave this way.

  16. getting a flight downed over a BOMB THREAT is a joke??, get a life retard……