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H1Z1 is heading to PlayStation 4 next month

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is faring well with its exclusivity on the Xbox One, however PlayStation 4 owners have been left in the wind as to when the title might potentially come to the platform. In an effort to capitalise on that, Daybreak Games is hoping to win the crowd over with …

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H1Z1 is splitting in to two separate games

After some time in early access, Daybreak Studios is now splitting H1Z1 into two separate games. While H1Z1 initially launched as an open-world zombie survival multiplayer game, it eventually got the Battle Royale game mode, which essentially plays out like the hunger games where a group of players compete to …

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Daybreak CEO to go after hacker who downed his flight

Daybreak CEO John Smedley is the man who's flight was downed last  year when hackers called in a bomb threat and leaked his personal information. So you can understand that now one of those responsible from Lizard Squad have been convicted, he's rather pleased. What he isn't happy about though is that …

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SOE reveals H1Z1 monetization plans

Sony Online Entertainment recently announced its free to play title, H1Z1, another zombie survival game. Like with any free to play game, monetisation will play a huge part in the title's success so trying to keep things fair and balanced is key. SOE had its first monetisation planning meeting this …

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Sony president on how H1z1 differs from DayZ

When Sony announced its upcoming PC and PS4 zombie apocalypse, survival MMO, H1Z1, many people understandably drew comparisons with DayZ. Far from unaware of the similarities and inspiration drawn from the iconic game, Sony's president John Smedley praised Dean Hall's creation, but suggested that his company's title would be very …

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