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H1Z1 is heading to PlayStation 4 next month

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is faring well with its exclusivity on the Xbox One, however PlayStation 4 owners have been left in the wind as to when the title might potentially come to the platform. In an effort to capitalise on that, Daybreak Games is hoping to win the crowd over with its own battle royale title H1Z1.

H1Z1 has been around longer than most standalone battle royale games over on PC, receiving its full release earlier this year after its 2015 as an Early Access title. The PS4 version is set to receive a significant overhaul in comparison to its PC version, with “a new weapon progression system, fully reworked UI, and new weapons and gear,” as well as speedier gameplay.

“H1Z1 now features a grab-and-go equipment system, simplifying loot collection and inventory management; a familiar radial weapon menu so players can quickly switch between guns and grenades; and a revamped HUD that delivers vital information at-a-glance,” explains Daybreak. “The crafting system has also been removed from the game.”

Six types of level-one weapons will be available for looting upon players landing, with the remaining gear such as “the AK and AR, as well as the new KH43, Marauder, Combat Shotgun, CNQ-09, Scout Rifle and MK46” all requiring players to hunt down “mass airdrops” throughout the map. “Airdrops serve as the primary way to secure higher powered armor, which have been retooled to provide players with a health bonus.”

Players will be able to jump into a closed beta on the platform this weekend provided they sign up via the website, ahead of its release on May 22nd. Those already intent on owning a copy or are subsequently impressed by the beta version can pre-order the $29.99 bundle with a range of cosmetics, however the final build will be free-to-play like its PC counterpart.

KitGuru Says: While I wasn’t overly impressed with H1Z1 back when it launched, it seems that the title has come strides since then, influenced heavily by its competitors. The change in dynamic on the PS4 is interesting, but could it really stack up with Fortnite: Battle Royale, a similarly free-to-play title?

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