Cowin Cutebeat BT Vibration Speaker Review
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Today we take a look at the Cowin CuteBeat BT Vibration speaker which features ‘Resonance Technology’. This speaker will let you play music from various external sources using either a 3.5mm audio cable or by streaming directly to the unit via Bluetooth. It will ‘vibrate sound’ from any hard surface and official ratings measure the sound output at 12W. A rechargeable battery means you can take music with you, anywhere you decide to go. But is it any good?
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Manufacturer’s description:

  • The Cowin Cutebeat comes in a streamlined metal trimmed casing, in white with blue or red trim. Ideal for listening in the bedroom, the car and on the move.
  • 12W Output.
  • Bluetooth and NFC wireless connectivity.
  • Stereo line-in.
  • iPhone, iPad, Smart phone, PC, Notebook, MP3, MP4 etc. compatible.
  • Built in microphone for calls.
  • Lithium battery or USB cable.
Cowin Cutebeat BT Vibration Speaker Review, 4.6 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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