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Samsung sets new 5G speed benchmark

Samsung is claiming an industry first this week by achieving the fastest speed over 5G in a laboratory demonstration combining 800MHz mmWave Spectrum with MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology, running on Samsung’s 5G mmWave Access Unit.

Samsung engineers demonstrated the new 5G speed using two test mobile devices that achieved approximately 4.3Gbps on each device and reaching a peak speed of 8.5Gbps by using the two key technologies: carrier aggregation and MU-MIMO. The demonstration set out to highlight the key differences of 5G and its use of mmWave spectrum.

mmWave spectrum’s wide bandwidth allows mobile operators to achieve multi-gigabit speeds that lower band spectrums are unable to utilise. This increase in multi-gigabit speed is expected to transform 5G mobile services by providing mobile operators with the ability to deliver new services such as 8K video streaming, AR remote learning and holistic VR teleconferencing, as well as new yet to be discovered usage scenarios.

“This successful demonstration proves mmWave’s potential to deliver new kinds of business use cases and open up opportunities for mobile operators. We look forward to building on this significant technical breakthrough to fuel our continuous journey towards an innovative and vibrant mmWave ecosystem,” said Hyunho Park, Senior Vice President, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics.

Counties that have already assigned 5G mmWave spectrum include Japan, South Korea, and the U.S, with two of those countries already deploying commercial 5G services using this technology. A total of fifteen more regions are expected to join the 5G mmWave club in the coming years and Samsung is hoping to become a pioneer in the successful creation and deployment of 5G mmWave solutions.

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KitGuru says: This certainly is interesting stuff from Samsung and shows just how powerful 5G mmWave networks could become. What do you guys think of this demonstration of 5G speed from Samsung?

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