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EK launches EK-Loop nano-grade thermal paste

EK announced the release of the EK-Loop Thermal Paste NGP (5g), a thermal interface material designed for high-end components. This paste uses nano-grade particles to ensure efficient heat transmission between CPUs, GPUs, and other chipsets and their cooling solutions, such as water blocks and heatsinks. Built on Nano-Grade Particles (NGP) …

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The Razer Edge packs a 144Hz display, 5G and access to tons of console and PC games

A couple of weeks ago, Razer teased the return of the Razer Edge. This time around, rather than being a Windows gaming tablet, the device is positioned as a handheld games console, complete with 5G capabilities for fast access to cloud gaming services. Now today at RazerCon, the company has officially unveiled the system, which also promises some excellent hardware for native gaming too. 

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GIGAIPC launches industry’s first 5G enabled embedded computing system

This week, GIGAIPC announced the QBiX-Pro-KBLB7100HD-A1, A new IoT device from the subsidiary of Gigabyte, which is said to be the “industry’s first 5G enabled embedded computing system”.  GIGAIPC, a GIGABYTE subsidiary, has introduced a 5G industrial embedded PC, called the QBiX-Pro-KBLB7100HD-A1. The company hopes that the system will aide “Machine Vision, Automated …

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Samsung reveals the Exynos 990 SoC

Samsung announced the company's new SoC, the Exynos 990, alongside the new 5G Exynos Modem 5123. Both are planned to be used, in 2020, with the Samsung Galaxy S11 and other devices from the company. At Samsung Tech Day, the company showed the upcoming flagship chipset, the Exynos 990. The …

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What’s Holding up 5G in the UK?

If you're into technology, there's a good chance that you're waiting with bated breath for every shred of news that may give you a hint about when you'll be able to get your hands on the next-generation of 5G wireless devices. If you live in the UK, there are already …

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5G M.2 modems debut at MWC

We've been hearing a lot about plans for 5G over the last year. We know that a range of smartphones will be coming to support it but Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm and others have plans to bring 5G to laptops and PCs too. During MWC, Intel and Qualcomm took the opportunity …

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