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Google Stadia runs on iOS thanks to new browser app

While Apple might not be all that interested in helping pave the way for game streaming services on iOS, others are. This week, a lone developer shipped a new browser app on iOS, which contains everything needed to stream games from Google Stadia. 

Stadia is not officially available on iOS yet due to Apple's own content restrictions and strict requirements when it comes to games services. However, Stadium works around this. The app was developed by Redditor u/zmknox, who said: “Over the past few weeks, some tricks were floating around this subreddit for get Stadia working on iOS 14. I decided to ship a highly specialized browser app to the App Store which can make doing this super easy.”

Upon downloading the Stadium browser from the App Store, you can set the primary URL to the Stadia homepage, then you have set the user agent to a specific version. After that, you can log in and authenticate the app with your Google account. After that, everything is set up and Stadia games can stream to an iOS device the same way they would stream to a desktop PC.

All controllers that are supported on iOS should work, that includes the Bluetooth Xbox controllers and the DualShock 4. There is no telling how long Apple will leave this app alone for, theoretically, it doesn't break App Store rules, which is how it got onto the store in the first place. However, given that it circumvents other requirements to allow streaming services, Apple could potentially take a stance.

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KitGuru Says: I'll be giving this a try on the iPad later, although I'm not sure how long Apple is going to allow this work-around for Stadia. Alternatively, perhaps this will also be the kick Apple needs to allow support for these services natively without the need for workarounds. 

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