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Expert buying advice on choosing and installing the right cooler for your CPU, graphics card or system

Cooler Master revamps its liquid coolers, fans and thermal paste


This week, Cooler Master is revamping its range of liquid coolers, fans and even thermal paste with the new MasterLiquid, MasterFan and MasterGel series of products. Later this month, the company will begin selling the MasterLiquid Pro 120 and 240, revamped all-in-one liquid coolers that optimise flow in order to …

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Antec launches Kühler H2O H600 PRO and H1200 PRO AIO coolers

This month, Antec launched two new brand new all-in-one liquid cooling units, the Kühler H2O H600 PRO and H1200 PRO, offering improved performance and a durable design to boot. New components include a larger copper base place, a high-precision radiator and better pump pressure, allowing for quieter operation during normal …

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Samsung may use heatpipes to cool Galaxy S7

It is getting to the point where smartphone chips are getting so powerful, that they simply can’t stay as cool as they used to at all times. Qualcomm knows this issue all too well, with wide reports of the Snapdragon 810 suffering from heating issues over the past year. However, …

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Corsair is launching a low-profile liquid CPU cooler

We often see Corsair’s line of all-in-one liquid coolers used in PC builds these days, and while you can cram one in to a Mini-ITX case, it isn’t always the ideal or easiest solution. However, Corsair is looking to make things easier on those with small form factor rigs, with …

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Lian Li announces its first CPU water block

It is not unusual for us to see those in the PC market begin to diversify. Today, Lian Li, normally known for its PC cases, has announced its first step in to the custom watercooling arena with its own CPU water block, the CB-01. The focus for the CB-01  appears …

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