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Trion updates its sci-fi MMO with Defiance 2050 remake

Trion approached its 2013 massive multiplayer online (MMO) title in a rather unprecedented way, influencing gameplay by the events that occurred in its companion television show of the same name, Defiance. Unfortunately, the television show was cancelled in 2015, but Trion has continued building on Defiance and believes it to …

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1Password subscribers can now check if their password has been leaked

Data leaks and breaches are increasingly common nowadays, potentially putting user information in harm’s way. Password protection service 1Password has a proof of concept feature that will help further secure its users’ accounts, notifying them if their password has been compromised thanks to its integration with Troy Hunt’s Pwned Passwords. …

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Elite Dangerous: Beyond goes live next week


Last year, players of Elite Dangerous began noticing some odd encounters. A few players managed to come across huge Thargoid ships and soon after, the alien race began attacking spaceports in the game. This has all been building up to Elite Dangerous: Beyond, a multi-chapter series of updates that will …

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