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Panzer Dragoon: Remake comes to PC this year

Earlier this year, Panzer Dragoon: Remake was announced for the Nintendo Switch, bringing back Sega’s mid 90s classic once again with improved graphics and controls to suit modern day gaming. The remake won’t only be coming to the Switch though, as a PC version has also been announced for Steam. …

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Fallout 76 subscription launches with broken features

Earlier this week, Bethesda announced and launched Fallout 1st, an expensive premium subscription for Fallout 76 that grants access to useful in-game features and a private world for up to eight players. There was already plenty of scepticism around this latest money-making scheme but it got worse over the week …

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Epic Games sues former tester over leaks

During the buildup to Fortnite’s black hole and chapter two reveal, there were several leaks indicating that a new map was coming. Now after some investigating, Epic Games is suing a former Fortnite User Experience Tester for leaking details about the big update. Polygon was able to get hold of …

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Former Xbox VP Mike Ybarra is joining Blizzard

A lot of the executives at Microsoft have spent many years working their way up. Mike Ybarra for instance had a storied, two-decade career on the Xbox team, helping to deliver games across multiple IP, while also taking lead on Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass and Mixer. After 20 years …

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