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Dell Ryzen XPS, ASRock X299 Mini-ITX and Nvidia Max-Q: Luke and Leo discuss

Luke Hill and Leo Waldock discuss the Good Stuff they saw at Computex 2017. Dell Ryzen XPS All-In-One and Intel X299 in Mini-ITX by ASRock both look brilliant while Nvidia Max-Q presents something of a puzzle to the intrepid duo.

Watch via our Vimeo Channel (Below) or over on YouTube HERE.

Two new products caught the KitGuru eye at Computex; the first is the new Dell XPS 27 which is a 27-inch All-In-One PC powered by Ryzen 7 1700 with AMD RX 580 graphics, 32GB of DDR4 memory, a 256GB SSD and 1TB of bulk storage. That’s a good deal of hardware to squeeze inside an overgrown display and KitGuru is very keen to see how it performs and what sort of temperatures are produced. It has been somewhat overshadowed by the announcement this week of the upcoming Apple IMac featuring an 18 core processor, 4TB SSD with AMD Vega graphics, but that looks to be a firm 2018 product based on release dates.

Next up we have the ASRock X299E-ITX/ac motherboard which is a high end X299 motherboard in the same vein as the X99E-ITX/ac. Luke is massively excited about this ASRock board and may even be more excited about than the Core i9 processor.

To wrap up, the KitGuru duo discuss Nvidia Max-Q, which is a way of packing a high end gaming laptop with GTX graphics into a slender chassis that is less than 18mm thick, weighs less than 5lbs or 2.3kg and a target noise level under 40dBA. It sounds like magic and the best explanation we have is that Nvidia is using a 1Volt profile to reduce GPU power and hence to keep the heat down. The obvious question – to which we do not currently have an answer – is how this affects performance.

KitGuru says: Dell has done some impressive stuff in recent times and the XPS 27  looks like a wlecome continuation. ASRock has very likely booked a bunch of 2018 awards for  the X299E-ITX/ac motherboard. Nvidia may have pulled off a marketing coup with Max-Q although time will tell.

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