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Have anonymous attacked Sony PSN again?

The Sony Playstation Network has had an outage today and rumours are rife that the online gaming service has been the victim of a DDOS attack from ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous.

Many users across Europe and America have been reporting problems logging into the Playstation Network in the last 24 hours. The official Playstation blog in Europe informed users that this was due to maintenance work, with regular updates on progress available over here.

As KitGuru has reported in the past couple of weeks, Anonymous launched attacks on Sony sites because of Sony’s legal pursuit of hackers who managed to acquire the Playstation 3 root key. The root key means that the console can be opened up to third party firmware.

Anonymous already targeted Sony, but withdrew their attacks some time ago saying that they didn’t want to punish Sony customers, just the company themselves.

Anonymous - promised 'real world attacks' on Sony

With the downtime today, many people are wondering if Anonymous have renewed their attacks. Users on their forums have been highlighting their concerns saying “Something is seriously wrong with PSN since those attacks. I’d rather Sony get to the bottom of it with what ever means they need to.”

KitGuru says: Anonymous have yet to claim the downtime is due to their hacking skills, but many people are assuming they are the cause. Under the group name of ‘OpSony’ the group threatened Sony with ‘the biggest attack you have ever witnessed’.

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