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Cryorig explains its profane tweet aimed at Cooler Master

Last week, cooler manufacturer Cryorig posted a questionable image poking fun at its competitor, Cooler Master over on Twitter. Cryorig’s Head of Sales & Marketing, Steve Shen has since shed light on the matter, explaining that the picture was actually fan made.

The tweet stated “Just upload the pics of AM4 mobo and Cryorig’s cooler on our site, then you can apply the AM4 upgrade kit easily, here’s the perfect example!” Shen explains that this is in relation to the company’s application page where it “require[s] users to upload a proof of purchase or ownership of some kind.”

In turn, a user posted the photo internally to the Cryorig team, which “circulated the office” and became quite popular. “This in turn translated to our social media team thinking it was a green light to post,” to which Shen admits that the blame falls on him. The company removed the image promptly after.

“I would say that there is always competition with other brands, but keeping everything in good taste and class is equally as important as the competition itself. If the actual profane language was only hinted or masked, then I would probably keep it on our social media page,” explains Shen.

“I am in full support of our fans speaking their minds and showing their love for us. But straight up profanity has no place on our social media pages. Name calling and profanity is not how we’re going to compete with other brands, quality and high class products is what we need to focus on.”

Cooler Master did, in fact, respond to the tweet in a comical manner before its removal, as seen in the screenshot above, showing that there are no hard feelings between the two companies for the slight mishap. On behalf of Cryorig, Shen “would also like to apologize to Cooler Master on the matter. And kudos to them for having much more class in this incident.”

KitGuru Says: With the image being fan made, the only real mishap for the company was posting it, which can be an easy mistake in miscommunication. Cryorig's prompt removal of the image and reply to KitGuru is certainly respectable and with the company emphasising its focus on quality products, fans are sure to benefit down the line.

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