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Nintendo sneakily enabled GameCube controller support for Switch

It seems that Nintendo is being sneaky with its Switch OS version 4.0, flying features under the radar since it released last week. Alongside the quickly discovered USB headphone support, it seems that the GameCube controller is now compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

To make use of a GameCube controller with the Switch, of course you’ll need to use the USB adaptor, but the Switch OS natively recognises and utilises the controllers once they are plugged in. While it registers simply as “USB” without allocating the device its proper name, other USB controllers such as the Xbox 360 controllers still won’t work.

It’s been speculated that the Switch would be able to run GameCube games within its Virtual Console at some point, indicating that this could possibly hint at the expected arrival of the emulator in the near future.

GameXplain showcases the GameCube controllers being used for the brand new Fire Emblem: Warriors on the Nintendo Switch.

Excitement for the inevitable arrival of the Virtual Console began to build last month when it was revealed that Nintendo has been building on top of its NES emulator, already nestled within the console, as well as bringing classic arcade games to the platform. Unfortunately, the Switch has been severely lacking the usual Nintendo functionality during its 7-month life, which is surprisingly longer than it took to bring the feature to the now-defunct Wii U.

The lack of a Virtual Console has since been attributed to Nintendo focusing on its NES and SNES Classic, according to fans, although no official statement has been released on the matter. In the meantime, it seems that the hidden features in the Switch OS version 4.0 are more interesting than the flaunted features. It will be interesting to see what else can be discovered in the near future.

KitGuru Says: Even minus GameCube titles, I would like to see a Virtual Console make its way to the Switch sooner rather than later. Perhaps the release of Super Mario Odyssey will quell these desires for the time being, but so far, the Switch is feeling a lot lighter than it should for almost a year later.

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