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SK Hynix interested in forming consortium to buy Arm

Recently, Nvidia's deal to acquire Arm fell through due to on-going regulatory issues. One of the key issues with the deal was the idea of a single chip-making company owning Arm. To get around this, a consortium with multiple investors could be formed to acquire Arm instead, and SK Hynix seems keen on getting something like that rolling. 

As reported by Yonhap News Agency (via TechPowerUp), Park Jung-ho, vice chairman and CEO of SK Hynix, recently commented on the idea of acquiring Arm during a shareholders meeting. He said “I don't believe Arm is a company that could be bought by one company”, but a consortium of multiple partners could potentially get the job done.

Unlike Nvidia, SK Hynix would not buy the majority of Arm shares, explaining that you don't need to be a majority share holder to have input or control a company. Still, plans to have a run at acquiring Arm are still early on, and it is possible that Arm is no longer up for sale. Following the failed Nvidia deal, Arm publicly shifted its strategy towards preparing for an IPO. In that situation, a consortium could still buy a big stake in the company in lieu of a private acquisition deal.

In related news, South Korea's antitrust regulator approved SK Hynix's proposal to acquire local chipmaker, Key Foundry.

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