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Xiaomi preparing to launch OLED TVs with Nvidia G-Sync modules

Xiaomi has started teasing its new generation of OLED TVs, and as it seems, they will feature Nvidia G-Sync modules. Scheduled to release on August 10th, Xiaomi's new-gen OLED TVs will allow gamers to enjoy a tear-free gaming experience when connected to a system using an Nvidia GPU.

The announcement was made through the Chinese social media network Weibo (via Hardware Info). Not much is known about these new TVs, except that they will support Nvidia G-Sync. Nvidia hasn't yet updated its Big Format Gaming Displays list with these new TVs, but it should once they become available.

Aside from the G-Sync module, Xiaomi's new OLED TVs will also come with over 75Hz refresh rate, wide colour gamut, low input lag, and ULMB support. Moreover, they should also feature HDMI 2.1 and all other features bundled into it, including Variable Refresh Rate, HDMI enhanced ARC, Auto Low Latency Mode, Quick Frame Transport, Quick Media Switching, and Dynamic HDR. Without HDMI 2.1 support, the panel wouldn't be capable of outputting 75FPS or more at 4K resolution.

Expect to learn more about these TVs once Xiaomi officially announces them on August 10th.

KitGuru says: Based on Xiaomi's track record, these news OLED panels will most likely be packed with features at an affordable price. 

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