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MicFlip reversible micro-USB cable now in stock

Although the USB 3.1 standard had some exciting features for us all to enjoy, Type-C was perhaps the biggest recent development, as it promises a reversible header. As the WinnerGear guys said in their IndieGoGo campaign though, it’s going to be some time before that’s common in our hardware. How about a standard USB cable that’s reversible to tide us over though?

That’s what the MicFlip was designed to be, and following its successful crowd funding campaign earlier this year, it’s now available for sale at $20 (£13). It’s gold plated to aid durability of the connector, has an aluminium header and a strong nylon braided cable that should also help prevent tangling.


You can choose the colour of the cable too, selecting from gold, silver or red, each coming with its own different colour header. Whichever you go for though, they’re all reversible. Due to the unique shaping of the MicFlip, it doesn’t matter which way you plug it into your phone, tablet or other device – it will work.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-V1KRZd9dgk’]

The design of the cable changed a little during the developmental phase. Early units had some trouble with short circuiting and broken plugs, so some of the parts were changed out to avoid those issues. The aluminium header was also added to make the whole thing more durable.

Early reviews suggest most people are happy with the cable too, though there are a number who backed the original campaign who say their pre-orders have yet to arrive.

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KitGuru Says: This does look like a handy piece of kit. I’m not sure I get annoyed at micro-USB cables enough to buy one, but if you guys wanted to slip one into my stocking, I wouldn’t complain.

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