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Intel introduces Thunderbolt 4

This week, Intel introduced Thunderbolt 4, complete with additional bandwidth to support higher transfer speeds or higher resolution video. The technology will debut alongside Intel's upcoming ‘Tiger Lake' CPUs.  Dropping with Thunderbolt 4 is of course, the Thunderbolt Controller 8000 Series, which is said to be backwards compatible with “hundreds …

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MicFlip reversible micro-USB cable now in stock

Although the USB 3.1 standard had some exciting features for us all to enjoy, Type-C was perhaps the biggest recent development, as it promises a reversible header. As the WinnerGear guys said in their IndieGoGo campaign though, it's going to be some time before that's common in our hardware. How …

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Apple rumoured to launch TV service within a few months

Apple's long talked about TV streaming service seems to be making its way towards a launch in a few months time during the Fall/Autumn period. Apple has been in discussions with broadcast networks for a while now but negotiations have taken some time. As you would imagine, Apple's 30% cut …

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Disney and Apple are clashing over TV streaming service

It seems that Apple and Disney might be having issues negotiating which channels will be included in Apple's upcoming TV streaming service. According to new reports, Apple wants to limit the number of Disney channels in order to keep costs down but Disney would rather Apple picked up most of …

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Virgin Media launches on-demand Android app

If you're a Virgin Media customer, then this will probably interest you. The cable provider has just launched its own Android app to rival Sky Go. The ‘TV Anywhere' app is now available across a range of Android tablets and phones as well as all IOS devices. help coursework Virgin's …

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Kim Dotcom wants to resurrect Pacific Fibre project

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom, the larger than life personality behind the now defunct Megaupload and potential sequels, Mega and Mega Box, has announced another business plan of his – to resurrect plans for the Pacific Fibre cable that would give New Zealanders super faster internet at a fraction of what they currently …

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How many times should you pay for the same content?

Vince Cable's announcement that some format shifting would be allowed, in law, by the end of this session of parliament – finally allows the corporations the chance to operate in an intelligent way. KitGuru believes that the real question is actually, “How many times should you pay for the same …

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