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Tesla shows off Model S production line in short video

As much as electric cars have yet to take the world by storm, they are an exciting niche in what the future of travel may be. Which is why it’s interesting to see how Tesla puts its cars together. After strapping a camera to one of the cars as it moves through the production facility you can see all of the steps of their construction, from the automated to the manual. Who knew car manufacturing plants were so clean looking?

It’s quite a short fly through the facility, so there are likely a few details missing as part of it, but it’s an interesting insight into what goes on at Tesla’s fabrication plants.

All to try and sell you one of these…

Other companies have released similar videos in the past. A Volkswagon Golf assembly line video released earlier this year shows the scale of automation that goes into their construction, but also how much humans are still a relevant part of the process. Often they appear as managers of machines, rather than hands on fitters themselves, but they still play an important role that doesn’t look set to be entirely replaced just yet.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd4mKN2402s’]

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KitGuru Says: The next few years will be very interesting for Tesla. When it introduces its more affordable car in the near future, it could become a much bigger player on the international stage. 

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