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AMD reportedly in talks to acquire Xilinx

Nvidia has been on an acquisition spree over the last year, acquiring Mellanox in 2019 and then setting its sights on ARM in 2020. Now, it looks like AMD is eyeing up a potential acquisition of its own. 

According to reports this week, AMD is looking to acquire Xilinx, which would give AMD a big boost in the data-centre market, where both Intel and Nvidia have a very strong presence. According to a Bloomberg source, the deal to acquire Xilinx could “come together as early as next week” but the situation remains “in flux” for the time being.

The Wall Street Journal also has sources backing this up, claiming that AMD and Xilinx are in “advanced talks”. Xilinx is best known for creating FPGAs, programmable SoCs and networking gear. These products are primarily used in data centres as well as the automotive, broadcast, industrial, aerospace and consumer industries.

We don’t know how much AMD is looking to spend acquiring Xilinx, but estimates put the company’s value in the $30 billion range.

KitGuru Says: It looks like a lot is going on behind the scenes at AMD at the moment, from new product launches to potentially huge acquisitions. If the current information proves true, we should get an update on this next week. 

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