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Google Chrome 50 ends support for Windows XP and Vista

Windows XP might still be the third most-used operating system in the world and even though Microsoft dropped official support some time ago, XP users have managed to stay fairly up to date with certain software like the Chrome browser, well until now. With the release of Google Chrome 50, the browser will no longer support some older versions of Windows and OS X.

The latest version of Chrome doesn't support XP, which is still installed on 11 percent of PCs, support is also being ended for Vista, which has less market share. Anyone running a version of Mac OS X older than Mavericks will also no longer have Chrome support.


As Google explained last year, the end of support is due to the fact that these operating systems no longer get critical security updates and have a higher chance of being affected by viruses and malware. The end of life date for Chrome on older operating systems was initially announced back in November 2015.

Chrome 50 also ends support for OS X Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard, all of which are quite a bit newer than both Windows Vista and XP.

KitGuru Says: It does seem that software support is ending at a quicker rate for OS X users. As for the Windows side of things, XP is incredibly old at this point and from a security standpoint, it makes sense for companies to drop support. Are any of you still on an older OS? 


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