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Cybercriminals to ramp up gameover Zeus virus exploitation

The FBI and National Crime Agency have given PC users a two week warning to update their anti-virus software or at least get some as the Gameover Zeus virus is going to start allowing more cybercriminals to deploy Ransomware to steal bank account details and lock up hard drives. However, according …

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Microsoft fixes IE security flaw- even on XP

Earlier this week we reported on an Internet Explorer bug that could potentially hurt Windows XP users since the decade old OS was no longer supported. However, Microsoft decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to leave its XP users at risk and fixed the bug. Microsoft announced the …

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IE security flaw puts Windows XP users at risk

If you're still clinging on to the 12 year old Windows XP operating system then you might want to think about upgrading as a new security flaw has been found that allows hackers to gain full user permissions over your computer. This means that once a hacker has access, it …

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Kapersky on XP end of life compound problems

Today is the day that Microsoft officially ends support for Windows XP, one of its most popular pieces of software ever and of course, everyone is trying to scare up a storm so that in the wake of no more patches, you buy something to protect yourself. And Kapersky is …

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