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IE security flaw puts Windows XP users at risk

If you're still clinging on to the 12 year old Windows XP operating system then you might want to think about upgrading as a new security flaw has been found that allows hackers to gain full user permissions over your computer. This means that once a hacker has access, it could install programs, view data, delete data and easily mess with your machine.

The security flaw currently affects Internet Explorer 6 to 11 on all platforms so if you're using an older version of the browser anyway, you should probably stop using it. Microsoft will patch newer versions of Windows but XP support ended at the very start of this month meaning Microsoft will not be patching the problem for XP users.


Windows XP is no longer secure and as time goes on, more and more exploits are likely to be uncovered. Security Firm, FireEye, discovered the loop hole and showed it to Microsoft but there is also evidence of an active exploit targeting IE 9 to 11 as well as Adobe Flash. If you refuse to move on from XP then you could just not use Internet Explorer or Adobe Flash but it's probably best to move on at this point, the OS is more than a decade old, it has served its time.

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KitGuru Says: We know that most of you guys probably wouldn't be caught near Internet Explorer unless you've just re-installed Windows and need a new browser but this does serve as further proof that Windows XP isn't all that secure to use anymore. Do any of you guys still use XP? If so, do you plan on upgrading?  

Source: Computer World

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