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Google Chromecast set to launch in the UK

In July of last year, Google revealed the Chromecast, a tiny little dongle capable of bringing streaming and screen mirroring features to any TV with an HDMI port for a measly $30. Now, three quarters of a year later, the Chromecast is due to arrive here in the UK according to some new leaks.

Internal communications from retail chain, Dixons, were obtained by Android Police and say that stores have already begun receiving stock which must not be sold until 9AM on Wednesday the 19th of March.


It isn’t clear if Google will be selling the Chromecast directly through the UK Playstore but we may just find out later this week. Last month, the SDK for the inexpensive gadget was also released, which has greatly improved the device’s functionality and list of compatible apps. We have seen the Chromecast sold in the UK before but due to its unofficial availability, the price was usually triple that of the converted US price.

KitGuru Says: The Chromecast is a pretty cool device, it gives any TV ‘Smart’ functionality but the best part about it is that it is inexpensive. Hopefully the device will have continued success in the UK and be as cheap as it was in the US. 

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