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Google rumoured to build Chromecast into TVs

Google impressed quite a lot of people a couple of years back when it launched the Chromecast, a cheap $30 HDMI dongle that could turn any TV into a smart TV with access to apps and streaming features. The Chromecast has been updated over time but now it looks like …

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Google seems to be preparing a Chromecast 2

It looks like Google is preparing to return to the Chromecast soon, with a newly revised dongle, featuring a new design and faster components. The new rumours come from leaked documents, which talk about different colour options, improve WiFi performance and something called ‘Fast Play', which will be a new …

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Qualcomm has made a Snapdragon 4K streaming stick

Qualcomm has announced its new entry in to the streaming market with its new Snapdragon-based Chromecast competitor, capable of streaming 4K. Unfortunately, Qualcomm's streaming stick won't be made available to consumers and is instead there as a reference design for third-parties to license out. Third-party manufacturers will be able to …

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Google Cast speaks to your speakers

Google Cast

Today Google announced a new feature called Cast, building upon its existing Chromecast technology. Where Chromecast is specifically for sending video between devices, Cast is going to be used for playing music to compatible speaker systems. It will be possible to send audio from Android, iPhone and iPad devices as well as from the …

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Google is planning an Android TV

Google is reportedly planning to release an Android TV, the new service will go head to head against Amazon's recently launched Fire TV as well as the rumoured revamped Apple TV. However, this isn't Google's first time releasing a TV service, previously the company released Google TV but it failed …

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Google Chromecast set to launch in the UK

In July of last year, Google revealed the Chromecast, a tiny little dongle capable of bringing streaming and screen mirroring features to any TV with an HDMI port for a measly $30. Now, three quarters of a year later, the Chromecast is due to arrive here in the UK according …

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