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Google seems to be preparing a Chromecast 2

It looks like Google is preparing to return to the Chromecast soon, with a newly revised dongle, featuring a new design and faster components. The new rumours come from leaked documents, which talk about different colour options, improve WiFi performance and something called ‘Fast Play', which will be a new feature.

There will also be a new homepage and more customization options for the device. The Chromecast 2, which 9to5Google's report calls ‘the new Chromecast', will feature 802.11ac wireless, which will grant it faster speeds than the current 802.11n WiFi found on the original dongle.


Fast Play isn't explained so it could be anything, though you could speculate that it just means faster access to apps or even Google Play services. Aside from that, the new Chromecast will have a separate audio output, so users can listen to music through a separate pair of speakers without needing the TV to be on.

There will also apparently be multi-room support, so you can have sound playing through speakers in other rooms of the house, similar to the system Sonos has, though it will be able to take advantage of existing speakers, rather than needing to buy separate ones.

There is no exact release date or price just yet, though it may be revealed along with the new Nexus devices at the end of this month.

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KitGuru Says: Chromecast was very popular when it first launched in the US, though it took quite a bit longer to arrive here in the UK. Do any of you own a Chromecast? What would you like to see Google improve in the second model? 

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